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Our Story

MJ Productions is comprised of four individuals who wholeheartedly believe in the values that rodeo instills. We each grew up on ranches, working alongside our parents from a young age.  When given the opportunity to compete in rodeo, all four of us found a passion  inside the arena fences that we hadn't known before.  As we reflect back, it's amazing how finding a dream to pursue can light a tireless fire in a young person. We each worked and practiced and scrapped to get better. We learned the value of a great work ethic, we learned how to win, and we learned how to lose.  The people we met along the way became invaluable contacts as we grew up. Rodeo helped mold us into the people we are today. 

Teaming up together to provide the opportunity for upcoming generations to find their path through rodeo is just one more thing that the sport has given back to us. We hope you enjoy the events that we offer! 

Meet The Team


Jordan Ann Thurston-Miller


Casey Wayne Sellers


Chancy Miller


Casey Rae Sellers

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